14. Januar 2018

Neuerungen Homepage

In den kommenden Wochen werden einige besondere Projekte aus dem Jahr 2017 auf der Homepage veröffentlicht und weitere Änderungen erfolgen. Lassen Sie sich überraschen!

Auf Ihre Projekte und Zuschriften in diesem Jahr freue ich mich schon sehr und wünsche Ihnen eine angenehme Zeit.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Ihr Eric Wychlacz


Three steps to your individual transliteration of various sources...

Read here how to get a fast, reliable and flexible transliteration of old letters, diaries, postcards or other documents written in old German Kurrentschrift or Suetterlin.

Step 1:

Send excerpts (copies of up to three pages) of the sources you want me to transliterate via e-mail or letter and specify your wishes and needs. How many pages will your order be? Do you need a word for word transliteration or is it enough to summarize the most important information? Do you need additional annotations to certain terms, places, or background information to historical events? Please tell me what’s important to you! Consequently, you will receive your individual transliteration.

Step 2:

I will take a look at your documents and immediately send you an estimation of costs. Afterwards, you send me a copy of the complete document.

Please notice that some scans can easily reach a too large size for e-mail accounts. Therefore, it is advisable to send PDF-files. Should you still have problems in sending me the documents, I will be pleased to help you.

Step 3:

You‘ll receive a completed transliteration in digital form or hardcopy – depending on your personal preferences. Should you prefer, I would also be glad to burn the transliteration on CD. The payment will be on account.